What We Do

We bring the Art Party to you!!!

Created by a k-12 certified art teacher, Moxie Art Parties is a fabulous, no-mess, kid engaging, direct to your home sand art party experience.

Your party hostess will work with you to schedule your party date, custom design your sand art boards to match ANY theme, and run the sand art project for you so you can truly enjoy the creative moment... Moms and dads are always invited to make their own artwork!!

Mom Testimonials

"Oh my gosh! This was such a fun party for my daughter and her friends. She is an art LOVER and Moxie Art Parties was able to create her dream birthday!!! The projects turned out adorable. Best decision ever!"

"My kids have loved having you as their art teacher!! How cool is it that my daughter gets a Mrs. B Art Party in our home for her 7th birthday!!! Such a great idea!"

"Your class is my son's favorite! I'm so excited to see his face when he learns you are doing his art birthday party!!"

About Us

When it comes to birthdays and celebrations, us moms are constantly on the lookout for the next fun experience for our favorite humans.

As a mom of 3, a happy Art Teacher in SMSD, and a daily creative, I couldn't find the unique art experience for my kids that I painted in my Pinterest loving imagination.

A party experience for my girls grew into a fantastically fun sand art party company!! Moxie Art Parties are the art party experience from my mommy dreams direct to your home or party venue!! 🙂


ART PARTIES by Moxie Art Lab knows what it means to be an art loving kid and how to have fun!! When you book a Moxie Art Party for you birthday kid, you are choosing a k-12 certified art teacher with over 10 years of successful art classroom teaching experience. 

Our party building menu is below. We limit our calendar to 3 parties per weekend - Friday evening through Sunday. Call or text your questions to 816.739.1032. Ready to book your art party? Click the button above to fill out our party registration...

BUILD YOUR ART PARTY: 45 Minutes | $10 Per Kid! ($100 minimum) Plus, sand.

Moxie Art Parties are the best new art party experience in town! We are a one of kind art party experience!

1 | Add Your Party Date to Our Calendar

We limit our party schedule to 3 per weekend. Get your party date on our calendar early. As a unique party option in Kansas City, our schedule fills quickly!

2 | Choose Your Theme

Once you have a theme chosen, we will custom cut sand art boards to match! There is no extra charge, no hidden fees. We just love to make kids happy and how better than to build a little custom design just for you!!

3 | We Start Prepping for Your Special Date

Once date & theme are finalized, we get busy hand cutting the coolest sand art boards for the party, filling our glitter infused sand shakers, and packing our gear.

4 | Party Day

We will arrive 30 minutes prior to the party to get our sand art party table setup. Projects last about 45 minutes from explanation to bagging for take home. Our clean up time lasts about 15 minutes and then we head out to our next engagement. It's just that easy!!